Counterbalanced forklifts are the most versatile, popular and widely used type of forklift truck used in the industry. They can be easily used in both work areas indoors and outdoors. However, for the latter, the work surfaces should be fairly even and stable. Available in a wide range of varieties, these forklifts are found in different makes and models. Due to this particular reason, they can easily be used for different roles in your warehouse or business.

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Qualities of a Counterbalance Forklift

Weighted with a counterbalance weight, this type of forklift has a simple, straight-forward usage.  These forklifts have a compact design which enables them to lift and move heavy items and place them easily in their appropriate places. It’s simple-to-operate designs make it popular among new employees and operators who can operate it easily without having much experience.

Another important and noticeable factor of counterbalance forklifts is their versatile designs and bigger ground clearance. These qualities make them suitable for different industries and heavy-duty outdoor work. These forklifts also come in gas and diesel models. While the diesel model counterbalance forklift is preferable in carrying out heavy-duty work, electric models are meant to be quieter and manoeuvrable. However, both these models are very popular and can be selected according to the company’s requirements. Make sure you choose the most suitable one for your needs.

Our team at A & K Forklift has years of experience with the vision of keeping businesses in perpetual motion and hence can recommend the right counterbalance forklift within your budget. Whether it’s a powerful outdoor diesel model or a quieter, more mobile electric model, our counterbalance forklifts are the best and offer excellent value for money.

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