Carting heavy loads manually can be a herculean task, even more so in warehouses and other commercial spaces where moving, hauling, and lifting materials is a primary objective. Electric pallet movers make the job easier by reducing manual effort and improving productivity.

A & K Forklifts has the perfect pallet jack for you from a range of pallet movers, if you’re on the lookout for sales.

Types of Pallet Jacks for Sale

You can find a pallet jack for sale at A & K Forklifts that range from heavy-duty to semi-electric. Each type of pallet mover offers specific functions suited for various tasks, allowing you to get the right pallet movers required for your business. Here’s how you can find out what’s right for you :

Semi-electric pallet movers

Semi-electric pallet movers are pallet jacks that come with power drive features that offer easy steering and manoeuvring of the equipment.

With semi-electric pallet movers, you can:

  • Operate in compact areas
  • Power brake or make emergency stops
  • Enjoy the benefits of an electric pallet mover
  • Smoothly steer the vehicle

Semi-electric pallet mover, albeit not as quick as a fully-electric pallet jack, gives you the benefit of a pallet jack that is electric while being more affordable. However, a semi-electric pallet mover may not be the right choice for every business. The hydraulics need to be pumped manually in order to lift the load, which could increase the time to complete tasks involving lifting materials.

For those looking solely for the feature of moving materials from one place to another, semi-electric pallets are ideal with a capacity of 1500 kg.

Electric pallet movers

Unlike semi-electric pallet movers, an electric pallet jack has a power lift feature and power drive that reduces manual labour in moving and handling materials.

With an electric pallet, you can:

  • Safely control the vehicle while ensuring speed limitation and emergency braking
  • Make use of hydraulic lift pumps to eliminate manual effort
  • Easily direct the load using the electric features without the need for physically exert

Electric pallets allow the ease of both moving and lifting palletised loads while ensuring increased productivity. It also requires very little maintenance and comes with a capacity of 1500-2000 kgs.

Heavy-duty pallet movers

Moving and handling materials over a long distance can be tiresome with just a semi-electric pallet mover or even an electric jack pallet that has limited capacity. When it comes to heavy-duty material handling, heavy-duty electric pallets movers are an ideal choice.

With a heavy-duty pallet mover, you can:

  • Make an emergency stops
  • Have better operability
  • Power steer the pallet jack
  • Prevent slipping on inclines with the function that hinders the vehicle from rolling back
  • Ensure smooth functioning and operation with the suspension

Heavy-duty pallets come with more safety features than most pallet movers and are designed to have a capacity of over 2000 kgs.

You can explain your requirements to our team at A & K Forklifts to find an electric pallet jack for sale that is ideal for your business by contacting our team of experts.

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