Enhance the functionality of your forklifts with our affordable forklift attachments in Melbourne.

At A & K Forklifts, we specialise in offering a wide variety of forklift attachments for sale that can be easily installed on several forklift brands and models. Forklift attachments can help improve the versatility of a forklift by performing functions such as rotating or lifting loads, without the need to purchase specialised machinery. In addition to that, these attachments help you to benefit from improved workshop efficiency whilst being super convenient to fit and operate. With multiple attachments, you are expanding the possibilities of your forklift to do more.

We strive to offer comprehensive material handling solutions with forklift attachments in Melbourne. Having been a reputable and reliable forklift seller in Australia, we have the most efficient and latest forklift attachments to offer at reasonable prices. With over 50 years of experience, we have an in-depth knowledge of different attachments that are best suited for your forklifts, making them more productive and versatile.

If you are looking for the latest and most productive forklift attachments for sale in Melbourne, feel free to call us on 03 9308 5177. Our experienced staff will guide you to make the right choices within your budget and as per your needs.

Explore a wide range of forklift attachments for sale.

At A & K Forklifts, we supply a wide range of forklift attachments and can get them installed conveniently.

Our Forklifts Attachments for Sale Include

We have a proficient team that you can completely rely on to organise hassle-free forklift attachments for purchase. Moreover, all our forklift attachments and forklift masts are of the highest quality, adhering to all the Australian safety standards. We are confident that you will be satisfied with the quality and functionality of our products.

If you have any queries or would like to know more about forklift attachments, feel free to call us on  03 9308 5177 . Our team of experts will help you choose the best attachment for your forklifts, considering safety at the forefront of your mind. 

Forklift Attachments

Safety Cage

Designed for forklift use to safely carry out tasks of "short duration" and "occasional usage", such as maintenance or stocktake. Manufactured strictly in accordance with Australian Standard AS 2359.1. The type of WPN work platform is suitable for a maximum of two people. Supplied with slipper locking pins and two harness anchor rings. The unit is supplied standard as a "Flatpack" ( 1230 x 1154 x 165mm) or may be fully assembled upon request. Zinc plated finish.

FJS2.5 Fixed Jib - 2.5 Tonne

Jib allows for additional lifting height with the extension beam being raised above the fork pockets. The overall length when retracted is 1.3 metres, and when extended is 2 metres. Zinc plated finish.

FST200 Forklift Towball/Hook Jib

The type FST200 Forklift Slip-on Hook Jib has been designed as a simple Slip-on Jib attachment with two hook positions 585mm apart and a diameter 50 tow ball fitted at the front of the jib. Both hook positions have a WLL of 2000kg. When using the tow bar, the tow weight is not to exceed 500kg and the minimum capacity of the forklift is to be two tonnes. The Unit is supplied with twp fork arm retaining toggle pins to prevent the jib from moving off the fork arm. The standard finish on the Type FST200 Forklift Slip-On Jib is galvanised.

Fork Extension Slippers

The Fork Extension Slippers extend the versatility of the fork truck. These slim profile slippers have been designed and manufactured in accordance with AS2359.15. In accordance with AS22359.15 slippers used for general use should be no longer than 167 percent of the supporting tines length. If the slippers are longer than 167 percent, then the usage of those slippers shall be restricted to their specified application.

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