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Unloading goods from a commercial vehicle right equipment can be tedious. You may have the best storehouse in the suburb and the latest trailers and forklifts transporting the goods from one place to another, but it will all be in vain if you cannot lift the goods off the transporting vehicle or store it at a height due to lack of a ramp.

A container ramp works as a solution in such cases, making loading and unloading easy by bridging the gap between the containers and the loading area. Compensating for the height difference between the floor and the containers as well as that of the storage area, container forklifts with ramps ensure a smooth transportation and manoeuvring of pallets during every phase of pallet handling. Forklift container ramps eliminate the need for excessive expenses on building raised structures that could bridge the height difference. Instead, the ramps make it easier for pallet jacks to manoeuvre loads in and out of the containers. In spaces that are cramped or do not have bays to load goods, container forklifts with a ramp work as the perfect solution.


Types of Container Ramps

One can find a container forklift ramp suited to their requirements from among a plethora of options by finding out the functions that each ramp is designed for. Once the right feature is identified, shorting the right forklift container ramp is easy.

Some of the types of container ramps often opted for include –

  • Rubber container ramps
  • Aluminium container ramps
  • Pallet Truck Ramps
  • Kerb Ramps – Plastic or Rubber
  • Wedge Container Ramps
  • Mobile Yard Ramps

With container ramps being versatile in their functions, commercial industries dealing with material handling glean quite a lot by hiring or purchasing ramps for their containers to make the process easier and quicker.

You can find out the right container ramp for your needs by getting in touch with us and explaining your requirements to our staff.

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