Most businesses that deal with heavy good handling require forklifts and other material handling equipment on a daily basis. Many prefer purchasing one for ease of access and convenience, considering the fact that used equipment is both affordable and operational. However, no matter how new or old your forklift is, it may require maintenance and servicing frequently to keep it running smoothly.

At A & K Forklifts, we provide quality forklift parts in Melbourne at affordable prices. From forklift tyres and forklift batteries to parts of other material handling equipment, you can get a list of the range of products we offer by speaking to our team. With the parts for forklift specifications varying, we can get a better understanding of your requirements by identifying the forklift brand you need serviced.

Our range of forklifts parts extend to encompass renowned brands, making access to quality forklifts’ spare parts in Melbourne easier with A & K Forklift. Your forklifts battery, whether brand new or old, can be replaced or serviced with the help of our dedicated team who make your forklifts and equipment run at their best. No matter what the issue with your forklift, we also make sure any vehicle or equipment coming to us for servicing undergoes a thorough check to make sure there is no other setback that could pose a problem in the near future, whether in terms of the fork lift tyres or the attachments.

Our team here at A & K Forklift not only helps businesses find the right forklifts and forklift spare parts but also provides repairs and services to ensure that your material handling equipment functions at its smoothest. Irrespective of what forklift part you’re looking for, whether it is batteries for forklifts and a forklift tyre or other parts on a forklift such as an attachment, we can help!

If you’re looking for a trusted dealer providing forklift spare parts and forklift servicing, you can give us a call to find out our range of services or book an appointment with us to know more about what we can do for you.

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