Forklift Tynes

Forklift tines or tynes are an integral part of a forklift that help in lifting, transporting, and carrying pallets and loads. These tynes determine the kind of load your forklift is able to lift, making the right choice of forklift tynes essential.

Types of Forklift Tynes for Sale

Forklift tynes, or fork lift tines as many call it, are designed keeping various needs in mind, with different types available, depending on the requirement. Some of these tynes for forklifts include:

Pin and Bar Tyne

Pin and bar tynes are generally a part of forklifts with a higher capacity or ones that are used in the construction industry.

Hook Tyne

Hook tynes are the most common type of tynes used and are attached by sliding the tynes sideways onto the carriage of the forklift wherein it is fixed into place using a pin.

Stainless Steel Tynes

Certain forklift tynes are coated in stainless steel to not only make maintenance easy for those in the food industry but also avoid sparking in environments that are explosive. This ensures that the tynes are regularly washed to ensure hygiene and also prevents the tynes from explosions in commercial spaces that are volatile.

Lumbar Tynes

Lumbar tynes, as the name suggests, are designed to be wide and thin to be able to carry mounds of timber lengths.

Drum Handling Forklift Tynes

Some forklifts are designed to carry loads that are not palleted. Drum handling tynes come with a section cut through the sides of the tyne to help lift a drum with ease.

A & K Forklifts provides a wide range of tynes for every forklift brand, offering forklift attachments that are ideally suited to your needs. You can find out more about the different types of tynes, their maintenance needs, and their capacities by speaking to our team of experts who can guide you and help you make the wise choice for your business.

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