Forklifts are industrial vehicles with a forked platform attached, used to move or lift cargo. These vehicles are used not only in warehouses and dockyards but also at construction sites and recycling facilities.

With the numerous types of forklifts available offering multiple features, the forklift uses vary drastically. Some of the ways a forklift can be put to use include:

Moving cargo or materials

Transporting cargo from one place to another requires machinery that is able to travel a large distance within a short timespan. Compared to manually moving the materials, a forklift offers better manoeuvrability and speed, irrespective of the cargo weight.


Forklifts allow the lifting of heavy loads beyond the capacity of a human. Forklifts used in warehouses are designed to easily lift and move cargo weighing many tonnes without causing any strain on the operators.

Order picking forklifts

Order picking fork trucks are specifically designed to access stock that is placed or stored in areas that are hard to reach. These forklifts come with a platform that an operator can ride on to access packages of a smaller volume. The order picking forklifts also have the ability to lift heavy cargo for storing.

Increased reach

Apart from the ability to lift and move a great load at once, certain forklifts also ensure an extended reach in order to reach spaces not usually accessible with a standard forklift. These forklifts with attachments that extend beyond the normal range are ideal in warehouses and other similar indoor spaces where forklift operators can precisely manoeuvre the forklift to reach high racks and lift specific pallets with ease.

Training mechanism

Training new forklift drivers with a used forklift is the most ideal method to familiarise the employees with the equipment used without causing a loss to your monetary investment due to vehicle damage while one is being trained.

Considering the many forklift uses compared to manually carrying out the tasks, purchasing a forklift proves to be a more economical solution. At A & K Forklifts, our staff is trained and equipped to help you find the right forklift for your use, taking your needs into consideration.

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