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The importance of buying forklifts for sale from a reliable material handling company cannot be undermined. The company professionals have the right skills, experience and knowledge about all kinds of forklifts that help you choose the best within your budget. After all, it is vital to consider all the possible factors before making a huge investment for your business.

A & K Forklifts offers a wide range of forklifts for sale in Australia at economical prices.  We are one of the leading dealers of forklifts in the country. Having been in the industry for about more than 50 years of experience, we are familiar with all the technicalities about forklifts and our practical insights can assist you in the right direction.

At A & K Forklifts, we offer all kinds of forklifts running on diesel, LPG and electric ones at cost-effective rates. Our forklifts for sale in Melbourne feature all leading brands and models such as Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Komatsu and more. Moreover, we also have hand forklifts for sale, high-reach forklifts, all-terrain forklifts and container forklifts that reduce physical strain and maximise your team’s productivity. Moreover, A & K Forklifts offers really cheap forklifts for sale with uncompromised quality.

If you are looking for forklifts for sale in Melbourne, you can reach us on 0393085177.

Our forklifts for sale in Melbourne are properly maintained by our qualified mechanics, safety checked by our experts, and ready to be delivered to you. You can find forklifts for all types of jobs, large or small, with high and low lift and specialised options. A & K Forklifts is a one-stop shop for all your forklift needs.

We are happy to take you through our collection and offer you practical solutions for material handling. If you are still not sure which model is best for you or if you have any concerns, you can have a detailed discussion with our executives. We believe in customer satisfaction and have successfully established a satisfied clientele over the years. Our core team is accessible at all times for resolving your queries and helping you to choose the best model forklift. If you are looking for 'forklifts for sale near me’ in Melbourne and in the nearby suburbs, call us on 0393085177.

You could also reach us for forklifts sales in Victoria by sending an online inquiry form. Our experts will get back to you right away!

What We Offer

New Forklifts for Sale

Our team specialises in a wide range of equipment, such as high-capacity, high-lift forklifts with many different attachments. Since we have many different forklifts and attachments, many people reach out to us on a regular basis for professional help.

Secondhand Forklifts for Sale

We have many different used forklifts for sale. If you are looking for one that uses a specific fuel type, you are in luck. We have ones that use diesel, LPG, dual fuel and electric. We'll help you find the right used forklift with lift and range capacities. Contact our experienced team to learn more today.

We Have Years of Experience

With more than 50 years of experience, we can assist you in whatever forklift needs you have. We know how to avoid potential pitfalls and things that can go wrong to ensure everything is taken care of in a timely manner. Let us know how we can assist you with your forklift requirements today.

We Sell New Hand Pallet Trucks

Looking for new or used pallet trucks? You have found the rights place. We have push-pull stackers with various lifting capacities. Please consider the health and safety of your employees in choosing pallet trucks. Call us to learn more.

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Send Your query today & our team Would be happy to assist you because we care industry to utilizing heavy equipment.

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