Forklifts and trucks are a common requirement in warehouses and other commercial businesses handling heavy materials and loads on a regular basis. Having your own fleet of trucks also requires capital that not many may have access to. The availability of pre-owned commercial vehicles at affordable prices is an ideal way to purchase or upgrade your fleet. Having to choose from various top quality brands hassle-free is just what A & K Forklift is here to do.

Second-hand truck sales also provide a number of benefits that make them a prudent option when there is lack of capital. Some of these benefits include.

  • Low costs incurred
  • Ability to purchase multiple trucks, depending on the specifications required
  • Access to forklifts by high-end brands without having to spend the usual amount for a brand new forklift or truck

Commercial businesses wanting to upgrade or enhance their fleet also have the liberty of leasing or hiring second-hand trucks with us instead of having to purchase it, making the expenses incurred even smaller.

While their benefits are manifold, there are some factors which should also be taken into consideration to avoid unnecessary hassle and ensure the smooth running of these forklifts. With most second-hand trucks already undergoing wear and tear, it is essential to make sure that these second-hand trucks undergo timely service and proper and effective maintenance. At A & K Forklift, we also have a team dedicated solely to provide quality servicing to forklifts and trucks of every brand specification.

If you’ve been considering opting for second hand truck sales, our team is here to help you find the right one within your budget!

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