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A side shift is a forklift attachment that makes laterally moving materials easier for forklift operators. In spaces where manoeuvring a forklift isn’t feasible, the right side shift forklift attachment can not only pick up the pallet loads but also transport them with ease while ensuring increased productivity and reduced cost and material handling time.

The Benefits of a Side Shift Forklift Attachment

Side shift forklift attachments prove to be a boon for a number of reasons, making them much sought-after by those in the material handling industries.

Adding a Side Shift Attachment to Forklifts

While you can have the side shift attachment installed to your new forklifts beforehand, you can also purchase the attachment if you already own a forklift and decide to install the attachment. At A & K Forklifts, we provide fully-assembled attachments that can be installed to your forklifts without the need for welding. The attachment also comes with an optional setting that allows one to quickly disconnect it without the need for any tools.

A & K Forklifts offers quality side shift attachments that are ideal for most operational tasks. Warehouses and storage spaces with a constricted area have a lot to gain from purchasing or hiring this attachment, more so if moving the forklift or machinery proves to be a herculean task without disrupting the pallet loads stored within. You can get in touch with our team to find out about more forklift attachments that meet your requirements or get a quote to purchase a side shift attachment for your forklifts with us.

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