Forklifts are a common feature in warehouses that need quality hauling and lifting machinery. A & K Forklifts can offer you forklifts of various makes and models including TCM forklifts in Australia, without the intervention of manufacturers and suppliers of said forklifts. Understanding your business needs and requirements, we help you find forklifts that are ideal for the nature of your work and your requirements.

If you wish to purchase a TCM forklift in Australia, we help you get the right deal without compromising on quality.

At A & K Forklifts, we not only offer new TCM forklifts for sale but also provide used forklifts to make obtaining one more affordable. We make sure our forklifts are well-maintained and durable, irrespective of the year of manufacturing and ensure that the forklifts are user-friendly and function optimally.

Apart from the forklifts for sale, we also provide a range of forklift attachments for your TCM forklifts. From spreader bars and safety cages to fork tynes and more, you can find forklift attachments in the specifications you require or consult our team about the right attachments for your forklifts. Your budget is also a concern that we can alleviate with our range of equipment that varies in price and function, giving you just what you need within the price you can pay.

Our forklifts as well as all the forklift attachments are of the highest quality, keeping with the Australian safety standards. Our team is well-equipped to help you find the equipment you need without any hassle. Over five decades of service in the field of providing quality forklifts has made us a trusted company among industries that deal with material handling and lifting.

You can take a look at the range of forklifts and attachments we offer on our website. Understanding your requirements can better help us serve you by providing the availability of our fleet of TCM forklifts. You can rest assured in the knowledge that we prioritise your needs and do our best to help you find what you need, keeping your safety and satisfaction paramount.

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